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"To me, percussion has no limits. It is a transfer of energy. I tap everything. I knock, tap, scrape, rub, flick, pluck, wiggle, shake, slap, blow, brush, or nudge to make something resonate and breathe into it the life of rhythm. I explore techniques to achieve optimal sound quality. All is valid."

Math Judson Presents
The Percussive Approach
to Drums, Percussion, and Music Production
An in-depth program which includes: In-Person Private Lessons, Instructional Video Lessons, Play-along Tracks, Recording Projects, and more with a personalized curriculum.
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Math's teaching career began at age seventeen, and has since acquired drum set students of all ages. A major aspect of his teaching style is “Music begat theory.” Connecting musically with people comes first, while theory and history follows.

His educational program, The Percussive Approach, is made for drummers interested in music production. It has 3 main goals: spark growth and development on the drum set, reach out to all styles and aspects within the percussive realm, and show how it all applies to music production. 

Topics included are: listening, energy control, time awareness, traditional and extended techniques, theory, performing with others, sight-reading, drum chart interpretation, creative songwriting, composition, arranging, utilizing DAWs, MIDI sequencing, analog recording and more.


The personalized curriculum will guide you down your own path, allowing you to develop your own form of expression.

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Performances, Studio Sessions, Lessons, Clinics, Workshops, Masterclasses, Accompaniment, etc.

"When I create music I am influenced by things happening throughout the world and the universe. The ideas for musical entities are transmitted by a supremely harmonious power. Nearly lost in translation from brain to tongue, I manifest a modest representation of the universal power and beauty."

"For me, composing can be like paleontology. I search until I find something I like, keep digging, build upon what I have, and it all has to fit together as a part of the same entity, a specimen of art. In this sense, I would not consider myself the composer of such a piece, but that it has been pre-written."

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