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Lo-fi sofa

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::: Lead by Example :::


Oh say can you see 


Walking on water

Ever benevolent

Hands been amplified


Frozen dark matter


Car bomb Heretic

Paradoxical mindset

Gone to the ether

Philosophical leader

All the way out to

Alpha Centauri 

And back again it's 


I'm basically

Talking to myself

So make yourself useful

Take a dose of

Darwins Pharmacy

Cuz we must evolve

Into beings that



Infinitely relate 

Over love and hate


Hey Actually 

Got Something to say

Elementary school

Rudimentary game


Am I an anemone?

I am an amphibian

What am I your enemy

In and out an anomaly 

Any amount of anonymity

Am I an inanimate object 

Do you even remember me

Am I who I was supposed to be

Varying degrees of uncertainty

Certainly rowing my boat singing 

Merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream


If I ever be

A monopoly

All I ask of thee

Take the cursed

Misery out of me

Cuz we at the point 

Within eternity

These two eyes can see

The moment has no disguise

In awe of the future

Haunted by the past 

The prize is time

Everything is prime


We're on the brink

Everything is pink

Ya more than ample 

Lead by example


::: Lo-fi Sofa :::


Wake up with you

Beautiful face

Wake up with you





Run me over


Blow me away

Show me the way

When I crumble 

I remain

Very humble

Trial and error

Dry and tumble


Hold on wake up now


...pocket and a... 
...pocket, gonna take your pocket change gonna 
Toxic... the pocket of the.. 
Take a seat and watch it change 
They gonna take your pocket change


Hold on wake up now


It’s in your teeth

It’s so familiar

It’s in the way

It’s so familiar


Mold on my pillow


::: Reactions :::


Well it happened to Leon so I picked up the phone 

To find out if everything was all right. 

I could tell by your reaction

Chemical equations

The movie would end up just fine

The man on the stairs, raising magnificent hairs

Told me everything I heard about ya

And the guy to my right, blind, taught how to sight-see 

Well it turns out he was Remus

They won't believe us

Still after hundreds of years 

Struggling with the term 'e pluribis'

Try to think plural but in the form of 

Race religion and sex. 


Dumber than a brick wall

Tryin’ to support arches

By pouring concrete

Perfection, we stand corrected

Idolizing our feet

When all they really need is to stop being mistreated 

Hold up, kick them fresh sneaks

The Point of life is not to arrive safe and sound at your grave 

Is but instead to do so with a, wow, what a ride 

Practicing pointillism

As opposed to the

Impracticality of proving points

Provides perspectives on

Personal prejudices

To procure the pertinent purpose

Keep the purpose pertinent


Well it happened to my own

So I put down the phone 

To make sure that everything was alright

I ran down the stairs

Past a parade of bears 

Marching in a single file line

Existential reflection

Opposite direction

My focus was too far behind

But when I got to the scene

Officers being mean said

This is just a drill


I could tell by your reaction

Chemical reactions


::: One Another :::


It Sucks, when you stay quiet for too long 

Who said it was worth it

Leaving it to chance or 

Something most people ain’t convinced exists

‘Cause I got a lot to say but no time to say it

So I'm gonna spray it all over your fancy clothes

Let everyone know

Help remind this place what matters

That which is truly blessed 


We all made each other

We all need each other

We all heal each other

In all ways


Nothing good to say 

Don't say nothing

No one can help it

You don't have to face the world

No one can carry it

Face it

You have to face yourself

So we're all the same

But we're all so different 

Never know where someone's been 

Or where they're headed

Knowledge Action Power 

You have to put things together

‘Cause they're set to fall apart


We all made each other 

Cmon be one another

We all heal each other

In all ways

And all, all my brothers 

They all feel each other

And all, all my sisters

They all breathe each other

And fall, the world together

They all should meet each other

In hall ways

In hall ways

We all make each other one

One another one

One another


::: Representing the Struggle :::



::: Metaphor ::: 


I've been seeking a resolution

To make sense of things that come to pass my mind

There is a higher meaning to them

That open up the world to a bird's eye

Can you see a lighter shade of you and I 

We're growing like limbs on a tree

Diverging in peace

Breathing in entropy

Rooted to remain unified


Brother as my mother's father

The babies have all grown up

Instinctually need to get gotten

Got married

Gettin’ divorced

Forgot to remember that

Love cannot be forced

This is for sure

If we all play a role in the metaphor


This is the shoreline of existence

From here there is no, is no distance

To and froh that which we call difference

It’s all the same, yes it’s all the same


Seven birds it’s all the same

Twelve Thirteen it’s all the same

Numbers words it’s all the same

Endless worlds it’s all the same


Every heart beat feels the same

The same


::: American Humor :::



Some people might like me

Some people might like to hate me

But it's whatever

At least I think I'm clever

We're missing the point

In a globalized theme

Anoint a joint

Scream if you know what I mean

This universal understanding

Is a Christmas gift wrapped under the tree 

that suffocates a cat inside, oh Susie would have died, but Whiskers beat her to it

Schroedinger, all along, he knew it

If only we could chew it

The big big mystery of life

Couldn't satiate our eyes

So we fill our belly fuller

While the luster falls duller

Now everything's over saturated 

Metabolic chemistry 

Health profit hierarchy 

Offset with the rest of the world

How do we tell our boys and girls?

Let's form a club where everyone's included 

After school special

To keep our kids out of the hands

Of self-proclaimed biggest fans

Parents reinvented the home too many times to count 

Oops I lost track

Guess we'll never pick up the slack

No point in going back

That's why we have dead end jobs

No need to fix it

Just buy a new one

That's meant to last

Couldn’t just be a fad

It may not be the best 

But it's really not that bad

I'm dead serious but

The rest of the world laughs


I'm the joke

On stage 

For your viewing pleasure


They call me Old glory

But I'm a recycled story

Designed to promote I'll-fated auto-matronics

You might like a different brand name 

If you haven't tried it

Shoe-in clients

Trying to avoid a riot

But ‘em out, buy ‘em out, buy ‘em out!


It's irrelevant to revel in the mystery of history

Eat or be eaten

Utilize or be used

Sarcastic recipe for disaster 


We will forever be known by the tracks we leave


I'm dead serious but

The rest of the world laughs


::: Ghost Atrophia :::


Prayer without action is death

So give me the courage to defeat

What is born to be defeated

I ain't going anywhere

This monument is here to stay


Week after week after week after week after week after week after

Work play rest pay work no rest

Cause one day my day will come 

When I give up the ghost

We have a legacy to uphold


Relearning our own words

From books written and read

Stories told

Without the covers 

Woke up cold

The cable is cutting out

Interrupting flow

Clear your throat

Break the mold


Find your fantasies

Greet them by the hand

Take opportunities

Aleatoric plans


Say exactly what you mean

Paint exactly what you see

Conjugate our minds

Replicate our time


Prayer without action is death

So give me the strength to defeat

What is born to be defeated

The hatred that you wear tears you down from within 

These Monuments are here to stay


::: Hubcap Blues :::


Go on ahead now

And make your own

Go on ahead now

And make your own

‘Cause if you ain’t looking for trouble baby

Go on and make your own


Don’tcha play stupid babe

Can’t you just stay true

Don’tcha play stupid babe

Can’t you just stay true

Be just as sharp as you’d like

‘Cause you know me and I know you


::: Belief Engine :::


May the Lord bless and keep you, and 

Shine light upon you

And with grace toward you turn her face, and 

Bring you peace

How you treat the least among you

Says the most about you


There’s something in the way

We fabricate our lives around disguise

And all we did today was stay awake

Entertaining attention

It’s in the news today

We fornicate our minds into spirals


Absurdity is to try and catch magic on a limb and

Wander in to a sketchy submarine

Why, oh why, would you ever do that?

It shouldn't be a race to the finish line, but it is

We want no competition but the world needs it, so it's all in

Reach for our drinks at the same time 

Share a glance

Toast to all the things we leave to chance, in advance

I'm carrying a second place legacy on telephone wires 

Beneath the gradient sky transmitting this power to you 

We've come to hate our culture but learned to love ourselves

Life is a let down when you can't accept there's something greater than yourself


How long

Must I wait


::: I Got Your Love :::


Sometimes I get to worrying

So much so I lose sight

Of all the light that life can bring

Even in the darkest night

So I look to God for an answer babe

Then it will show me a street sign

And so I know I'm on the right path with you

And all of our friends help to see it through


I know, I know, I know, I know I've got your love


I know, I know, I know, I know I’ve got your love

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