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By Matthew Judson

Matt's instructional material titled, The Percussive Approach, is meant for drummers interested in music production. It gives students a multi-dimensional method to study the techniques and philosophies of drumming and music production.

Topics included are: awareness, listening, energy control, body language, technique(s), theory, performance, sight-reading, drum chart interpretation, recording methods, and more. His personalized curriculum will guide you down your own path, allowing you to develop your own form of expression.

"To me, percussion has no limits. It is a transfer of energy. I tap everything. I knock, scrape, rub, flick, pluck, wiggle, shake, slap, blow, brush, or nudge to make something resonate or breathe into it the life of rhythm. I explore techniques to achieve optimal sound quality.
All is valid."

My philosophy is 'music begat theory'.  Connecting musically with people comes first, while theory and history follows.
"I do what I love and I love what I do!"



Areas of study: 
drum set / percussion / music production / DAW / Ableton/DJ / 
popular piano / music theory / jazz performance.
I teach in-home lessons, in my personal studio, or via Skype/FaceTime.
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