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The year was 1996, and a particular intrigue with the drum set struck young Math Judson while growing up in central Illinois. Upon his family's relocation to DeKalb, IL in 2001, his professional and academic career flourished, where he went on play drums in the post-rock group Renaissance Sound during his undergraduate music performance studies. 

He studied drum set under Steve Houghton at Indiana University for one year before transferring to Northern Illinois University where his studies were diversified under Ernie Adams, Rodrigo Villanueva, Greg Beyer, Robert Chappell, and he earned a BA degree in jazz performance.

After touring the world as a drummer for show-band and Broadway acts, he relocated from Chicago IL to Austin, TX. While playing for numerous groups, he formed his own band as a guitarist/singer and has been releasing his own records independently. The album "Demagogue's Delight" came from his artist residency at Studio 1916 where he works as a recording artist and engineer. In addition to co-founding the band VVVOOOLLLUUUMMMEEE on drums/vocals, he also performs as a session musician for many more.

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